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 Early Impressions

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PostSubject: Early Impressions   Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:13 pm

I didn't really expect this but I should have I suppose; requesting clans to have at least 4 v 4's has probably effected things a bit so far. 4 v 4's aren't REQUIRED, just suggested as a minimum for most of these maps (the more people the more challenging it should be). If you find yourself struggling to get 4s, feel free to do 3's - although that wasn't really the original plan.

If the first few days are any sign we'll be in for significantly less matches this time around, but maybe that's a good thing - hopefully the games we do have will be fun. Smile

Be good to see a few game results pop up the next day or two - I'll be looking to get some games going, so far today I've had no luck unfortunately.

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Early Impressions
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