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 World War 3 Rules

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PostSubject: World War 3 Rules   Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:38 pm

Nicked wrote:

Set up:

- Individualy competition.
- League admins set up dates / times for people to meet and play.
- Pick Up Games style.
- 2's, 3's, 4's or more depending on how many people we get in the server.
- Minimum 20 people in the league.
- People can join the league anytime during the league, they just need to apply and league admins will accept or refuse.
- stats?

How we get points?

- Every frags / melts give you a point.
- A game win give you 50 points.
- A game lost give you 20 points.
- Bonus points; player who have the most votes after 48h wins 50 points, if players are tied, they split.

What is Pick Up games?

- League admins or refs will pick 2 captains.
- Those 2 will make a point with gauntlet.
- If both die, they need to do it again.
- The one that win pick first anyone in spec that is able to play.
- After you switch A pick, B pick, A pick, B pick, A pick, B pick, etc

What server do we play?

- This is a tourney mostly organised for pWp, but others players can apply to join, so games will be play in *pWp*Zone*

Who ref?

- Anyone who have ref in the server can ref.
- The ref can play, but if someone with ref is in spec, it would be cool if he can ref.

Who can apply?

- Anyone who pWp and myself trust. Ex hackers will be tolerate if we can trust you, all depends on your past with hacks and this tourney.
- You can apply after the tourney start, but you won't be able to play games 12 hours following your post.

Names / Tags

- You have to use the name known and in the list of players posted in these forums.
- If you are in blue team, you need to use blue & black or blue & white names.
- If you are in red team, you need to use red & black or red & white names.
- You can play with your clan tag to show others you represent your clan.

What could make league admins kick me?

- If you hack, you are out.
- If you talkshit, you are out.
- If you ask someone to play for you, you are out.
- If you don't respect rules, you are out.
- If you leave because you don't like the map, you are out.
- If you keep crying because of maps, you are out.


- The league admin will pick random map in this lists:
- q3dm4 - q3dm5 - q3dm6 - q3dm7 - q3dm8 - q3dm11 - q3dm13 - q3dm14 - q3tourney2
- Do not cry if you don't like the map.

How do we know when the games are?

- I post the time minimum 24h before
- 15 minutes before the games, I call everyone on xfire group.
- xfire group link:


I have restored the map selection back to the original list - no more custom maps going forward due to too many issues/complaints regarding them.
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Posts : 386
Join date : 2009-05-01
Age : 35
Location : Pennsylvania

PostSubject: Re: World War 3 Rules   Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:35 am

/added q3dm9 and q3dm10 to the map list
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World War 3 Rules
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