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 Passwording Servers

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PostSubject: Passwording Servers   Passwording Servers EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 9:31 am

For a short period we were pw'ing the server to ensure only people registered would be present. This just cuts out any unnecessary confusion, such as people being picked by team captains that aren't registered or maybe aren't even interested in playing.

The first 2 rounds since the "revival" of the league, I've left it open to the public - partly in hopes of sparking interest in more players. This has seemed to work well.

With that being said, going forward once again the servers will require a pw to enter into during league matches. I'll contact players on xfire shortly before games and give them the pw.

If for whatever reason you're not on at the moment the matches start - simply xfire me or any of the other players in the server and we'll make sure you receive the password as well. Smile
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Passwording Servers
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